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Jorge Cardoso won the title of World Champion in 2018 at the Culinary World Cup where he represented Switzerland in Luxembourg, becoming the first Portuguese to win this award and the first to offer this award to Switzerland in the largest competition pastry to the world.
Son of a cook father and pastry mother, Jorge did not hesitate to follow the art of his parents and at the age of seventeen emigrated to Switzerland to achieve his dream.
Jorge has his heart divided between Switzerland and Portugal. He currently lives in Switzerland, the country that welcomed him but never forgets to visit his native country. His chocolate mastery made him a well-known figure in Switzerland. The result of a brilliant journey, Jorge Cardoso is a chocolatier among the best in the world and illustrious ambassador of the success of Portuguese emigrants in Switzerland.
This master holds three courses: Cook, Pastry-Confectioner-Chocolateiro and Baker. It was as a student of the pastry course that Jorge discovered his great passion: Chocolate !! Course where it stood out thanks to its great potential and creativity. His talent combined with a great commitment, opened it way for the titles he began to collect from an early age:
  • Gold Medal, Chocolate Sculpture Contest for 2nd Year Pastry Students in Friborg, 2012.

  • Gold Medal, Chocolate Sculpture Contest of the 3rd Year Pastry Students in Friborg, 2013.

  • Young art hope of working chocolate in Geneva, 2013. Best student of the pastry course in the Friborg region, 2014.

  • Swiss runner-up of pastry, at Swiss Skills in Bern, 2014.

  • 4th place at the Coupe d’Europe de la Pâtisserie in Geneva, 2016.

  • 3rd Place (bronze medal) at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon, 2017.

  • World Champion at the Culinary World Cup at Luxemburg, 2018.

    A clear path traced by a man drawn to excellence.